Trial help – Essay as a literary text

The essay is a literary genre that falls within didactics, strongly influenced by journalism. It is a brief literary text, situated between the poetic and didactic, exposing ideas, critics and ethical and philosophical reflections on a certain theme. It also consists in the defense of a personal and subjective point of view on a certain theme. The basic structure of the essay consists of three main steps: introduction (where the subject is presented and the thesis or the author’s opinion), development (where the thesis is defended and proven) and the conclusion (delves into the subject with based on what was exposed). As in the essay people are free to discuss any subject from their own point of view, their author does not find himself compelled to compromise with the opinions of others on what he has written. His work deserves the consideration of all, if it is lucidly structured and defended, with the necessary persuasion. The opposite will occur with a very standardized and conventional assumption, but weakly constructed and argued.

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Writing clear and appropriate text to your proposal requires planning: fluency comes with good readings and preparation. Check out the guidelines below that may help. Before you begin to write the first few lines, it is vital to have two things in mind: first, what do you want to say and second, who will be the target audience who will read your text and who will the message be addressed to. It is also important to take into account that in the world of today I need to interest the reader in the first few sentences of the text. So it is better to get right to the point, taking care not to leave your ideas incomplete. First aid for testing:

Divide the text into three parts – this will let the thoughts and ideas more organized to be exposed at the bottom of the text.

Introduction: It is best to start at the beginning by defining the theme of the essay. In explanation, explain why the subject was chosen. Finally, let the reader know what he will find in the following paragraphs.

Body or development of ideas: Here, it is time to develop your arguments, so as to make the reader follow your reasoning. Enrich your exposure with examples, being careful not to overdo it. If you quote phrases, numbers or excerpts from other texts, indicate what their source is. This increases the credibility of your essay.

Conclusion: It’s time to close the reasoning to get anyone reading your text to a conclusion. Here again, it is worth mentioning examples to substantiate what you are writing.